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Stress test roundup: how resilient are the new iPhones?

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It’s only taken a few days for the newly-released iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to be put under the microscope in a series of stress tests to find out how durable the device is under various types of strain. Here’s how Apple’s latest smartphone got on.

Bend test

Remember last year’s bendgate controversy, as the internet went nuts over how easy it was to accidentally bend an iPhone 6 Plus by sitting on it? Despite the allegations being widely exaggerated, Apple responded with a new, stronger aluminum alloy in the iPhone 6s. According to this video from uBreakiFix, the iPhone 6s Plus is much more resilient to 100 pounds of force, still bending slightly but returning to its original shape completely afterwards.

Water resistance

Despite Apple not claiming that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are even remotely water resistant, YouTuber Zach Straley took it upon himself to submerge both devices for a full hour, and shows them working pretty much perfectly thereafter. Impressive stuff. Straley has since posted a follow-up video showing the state of the iPhones 48 hours after the test, with both devices still working fine but with a minor screen-based casualty for the iPhone 6s.

Drop test

Probably the most useful test for day-to-day users. In the video below TechRax drops an iPhone 6s and 6s Plus twice, both from around five feet onto a hard floor. Both phones react consistently, surviving the ‘side drop’ with very minor scuffs, but succumbing to completely cracked screens after the ‘front drop’. Everyone experiences a bout of clumsiness from time to time – now you know to take extra care not to drop your brand new iPhone face down!

Hammer and knife test

Admittedly this one’s a little less relevant to the everyday user, but the important takeaway is that the iPhone 6s is pretty resilient to getting scratched up by keys in your pocket. It even does surprisingly well against a butcher’s knife, but don’t go dropping a huge hammer on your screen if you can possibly help it. There’s only ever going to be one winner in that battle.

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