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Stunning new footage shows off the iPhone 8 design from all angles

Note: we posted about this yesterday but a technical hiccup means you might not have seen it – apologies for the inconvenience!

Our best look yet at the prospective design of this year’s “iPhone 8” is here, thanks to a slickly manufactured dummy unit. We know, we’ve posted hands-on videos of “dummy units” before – but this latest production, courtesy of Onleaks and TigerMobiles, is the best looking overview of the iPhone 8 we’ve seen yet. By a wide margin.

Look like the cut-out at the top is here to stay…

The device in this video was manufactured using CNC processes, allegedly based on blueprints obtained from the factory in charge of assembling the iPhone 8. That means that although this isn’t an officially built device, it’s millimeter accurate and gives us an incredibly detailed look at the size, shape, and design of the upcoming iPhone 8. Check it out below – the video drags on a little, but it shows the device in high-resolution from every angle. It’s worth skipping through to get a good look at the design.

One thing to bear in mind is that, although it looks like this model was based off official CAD designs, it’s entirely possible that this isn’t a final design and there will be some changes made before Apple’s big reveal this September. However, this late in the year we’d expect the designs held by the manufacturers to be close to finished, and we wouldn’t expect anything beyond very minor alterations.