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The best Black Friday iOS App deals and price drops happening right now

Black Friday and the whole Thanksgiving weekend now sees a whole bunch of iPhone and iPad apps go on sale. We had a scout around the App Store and found some great deals on iOS apps. It’s time to make some room for some great apps.

App essentials

Fantastical 2 for iPhone ($4.99 > $2.99) – 40% off
Fantastical 2 for iPad ($9.99 > $3.99) – 50% off
2015 Apple Design award winner and highly acclaimed Calendar app is widely viewed as being the best calendar app on iOS. (Read our review)

MOVIST – Your Personal Movie List ($2.99 > $0.99) – 66% off
A highly underrated app – ever find yourself in a conversation where you’re told you have to watch a movie? Do you ever see one advertised but then forget about it? Use MOVIST to list all the movies you want to see, then next time you’re on Netflix or looking for a movie to watch, you’ve got a list of what you want right at your fingertips.
Platform: iPhone & iPad

Pixelmator ($4.99 > $1.99) – 60% off
Hugely powerful image editor – alongside Enlight, it offers the best image-editing on the App Store – make sure to grab this at its super-low price. (Read our review – and accompanying getting started tutorial)
Platform: iPhone & iPad

Weather Line ($3.99 > $1.99) – 50%
It’s been featured multiple times by Apple and is widely regarded as one of the top weather apps – now you can get it for half price.
Platform: iPhone & iPad

Apps gone completely free

Fiddlewax Yellow ($2.99 > Free)
Realtime vocal harmony generator. Use your voice to create intriguing effects and your very own 3-part harmonies!
Platform: iPhone and iPad

MacID ($3.99 > Free)
Great app for authorizing and logging in and out of a Mac using an iPhone or iPad. The app lets you unlock using TouchID or passcode, and will even send notifications if your Mac wakes up allowing the authorization remotely.
Platform: iPhone and iPad

Saver 2 – Money Manager ($4.99 > Free)
One of the best money trackers on the iPhone goes completely free. Amazing!
Platform: iPhone (compatible with iPad)

Stackables – Layers Textures, Effects, and Masks ($2.99 > Free)
Layer and blend effects and textures – loads of professional adjustment tools that can be stacked on top of each other. (Read our review)
Platform: iPhone & iPad

Wallax – Best Wallpaper Fix ($1.99 > Free)
Fix the wallpaper on your device – the app lets you easily scale and resize wallpapers, add filters and effects.
Platform: iPhone and iPad

Best of the rest

Education, science apps

Incredible Numbers by Professor Ian Stewart ($9.99 > $2.99) – 66% off
Educational apps can get pricey due to the sheer work put behind them, but you can grab this great numbers and maths app which comes with incredible interactive demonstrations right now for just a few dollars.
Platform: iPad only

Molecules by Theodore Gray ($2.99 > $13.99) – 80% off
The Elements by Theodore Gray  ($2.99 > $13.99) – 80% off
The Elements in Action by Theodore Gray ($3.99 > $0.99) – 75% off
A series of well-received and beautifully designed educational app-books by Theodore Gray have all fallen in price – if you’re interested in some new educational apps definitely check these out. You’re unlikely to see them at this low a price any time soon.
Platform: iPhone & iPad

Finance apps

MoneyWiz 2 – Personal Finance ($4.99 > $0.99) – 80% off
Massive drop for this money app – get reports, worldwide online banking and instant device sync across your accounts, budgets and bills.
Platform: iPhone & iPad (includes Watch app too)

Money Pro ($4.99 > $0.99) – 80% off
Bill planning, budgeting, keeping track of accounts, iPad/iPhone sync – a great finance app. Just updated with 3D Touch support!
Platform: iPhone & iPad

Fitness apps

Sworkit Pro – Custom Workout ($3.99 > $1.99) – 50% off
Probably the best workout app on the App Store has cut its price in half. Sworkit Pro allows you to make playlists of various exercises, from harder cardio, to stretching and Yoga. Accompanying videos shows you exactly how to do each workout.
Platform: iPhone & iPad

Music, Audio, Video apps

ProTube for YouTube ($2.99 > $1.99) – 33% off
Not a huge drop compared to others, but users that spend a lot of time in YouTube will have noticed you can’t leave the app or shut the screen off and have music or video still play. This client allows background playback, audio-only playback, selectable video quality and ad-free video.
Platform: iPhone and iPad

Ultimate Guitar Tabs ($2.99 > $0.99) – 66% off
Massive drop to this huge, huge database of guitar tabs and chords. Want to learn to play your favorite song? This app can help. And for a few days, for only a dollar.
Platform: iPhone (compatible with iPad)

Vee for Video ($4.99 > $0.99) – 80%
Powerful and speedy video editor with filters, 4k support and drag and drop editing. Looking for a video editor? Pick up a decent one for a dollar.
Platform: iPhone & iPad

Photos, cameras, imagery apps

Graphic – illustration and design for iPad ($8.99 > $3.99) – 55% off
Graphic – vector illustration and design for iPhone ($2.99 > $0.99) – 66% off
Powerful design app – it’s pricey, which is why it’s worth grabbing now – desktop-style editing on the go. Can handle PSD import/export and layer FX.
Platform: iPhone & iPad

Hydra – Amazing Photography ($4.99 > $2.99) – 40% off
Decent HDR photography camera app for taking photos in low light. (Read our review)
Platform: iPhone & iPad

ProCamera + HDR… ($4.99 > $1.99) – 60% off
ProCamera is widely regarded as the go to replacement for iOS’ stock camera app – and you can get it now for more than half price. ProCamera comes with its own editing suite, can shoot HDR videos, and has been updated for iOS 9 and Watch OS 2.0.
Platform: iPhone (compatible with iPad, and has Watch App support)

Tools and productivity

iTranslate Voice – translator & dictionary ($6.99 > $2.99) – 60% off
Powerful apps demand a high price, and although this app is getting fairly old, it’s always been a premium purchase. However, now you can talk into your phone in one language and have it speak back what you said in one of its 42 support language. Genius! Get it for more than half price now.
Platform: iPhone & iPad

iThoughts [mindmap] ($11.99 > $5.99) – 50% off
Superb mindmapping software. However its price puts off a lot of users that don’t necessarily wish to use it professionally, but now its Thanksgiving price has put it within reach of far more people. Create task lists, use it for project planning, goal setting, meeting notes and loads more. Allows export to MS Powerpoint, Word, PDF, PNG, and loads more. Also syncs to iCloud, Dropbox and others.
Platform: iPhone & iPad