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Tinder’s premium charge is a sliding scale based on age in latest update

Tinder has finally given users what it wants – a premium version, which comes with a whole bunch of new features.

However, older users may not be so impressed when they find that they’ll have to pay more than younger users for new functionality in the iOS app, as Tinder has employed something of a sliding payment scale based on age.

The new features that have arrived in version 4.3 that went live on Monday include a ‘Rewind’ functionality, which gives users the ability to go back in time – i.e. swipe right, instead of left.

It’s a useful feature if users accidentally reject someone, or have reconsidered their dismissal.

Pricing structure

ftwkT16bThe features is part the premium Tinder Plus which can cost anywhere between $9.99 and $19.99 – but that’s not a one off payment – that’s per month.

The pricing structure isn’t particularly clear, and some users have seen more of a varying scale, but at a base level, Tinder Plus will cost that full $19.99 for over-30s, and just $9.99 for those under 30.

The confusion (and some will say lack of fairness) escalates when looking at markets outside the US. For developing markets, users can pay as little as $2.99 per month, whereas more developed markets like the UK will get slammed with the equivalent of over $23 per month for those over the age of 28.

Tinder has explained the structure is based on “extensive” testing, but by the looks of things, it could be as simple as the fact that older users will have more disposable income and are therefore more likely to pay the subscription costs.

New features

But back to those Tinder Plus features – it’ll include Passport, allowing users to search for matches outside of their current location.

Particularly useful for the travelling romancer on the go.

As for how users feel about it – well, for this version, it’s currently achieved a flat-out one-star rating based on over 2,500 reviews, compared to a previously respectable three and a half based on almost 80,000 ratings.

The question is, are enough people willing to pay to make up for this loss in confidence from a huge section of their userbase?

Tinder can be downloaded on the App Store