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Tips & Tricks for iPad has been updated – Landscape mode restored!

Tips & Tricks – Secrets for iPad has been updated! Version 9.1.2 is here and most importantly, landscape support is back.

Some of you that updated to version 9.0 might have noticed that you could only read the tips in portrait mode. In our efforts to put out our new design, as well as a whole bunch of new tips for the release of iOS 9, we were unable to put out a version with landscape support.

We’ve realized now that it was an important feature for many of you, so we’ve made sure it’s back in this new update.

Quick plea: For those users that left us 1-star reviews after the disappearance of landscape support, we’d very much appreciate it if you could update your reviews now that it’s back! It would help us out a great deal, and enable us to keep updating the app with new content – we’ll ensure it doesn’t disappear again.

Back to the update – we hope you like it – it also features iOS 9’s Multitasking feature so you can now try out a tip WHILE reading the content – it’s the update we’ve always wanted to release!

Take a look at what’s inside version 9.1.2:

● We’ve added support for all orientations PLUS support for Multitasking Slide Over and Split View so you can now try out a tip WHILE reading the content (multitasking is supported on iPads listed here
● We’ve extended our coverage of iOS 9 features like Spotlight search, proactive suggestions and Siri’s new capabilities.
● Show and hide the chapter side-bar so you can use more of your screen for reading the content.
● You can now search tips using Spotlight – tap on the search results and you’re taken directly into the app (available for iPhone 5 and above, iPad (4th generation) and above and iPad mini 2 and above).
● Using an iPhone? We’ve added support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus screen sizes.
● Performance improvements when running on older devices.
● We’ve squashed a few more pesky bugs.

As always, thanks for your continued support and feedback.