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Two Golden Globes for Steve Jobs – but Fassbender misses out

Steve Jobs, the movie starring Michael Fassbender as the titular, former Apple CEO may be considered a Box Office flop, but it’s just won two Golden Globes, a relatively insightful pre-cursor to the awards season swan-song, the Academy Awards, in February.

It’s not the first awards it’s picked up either, the film’s leading man won the International Star prize at the Palm Springs International Film Festival earlier this month. However, Fassbender missed out on the Best Actor Golden Globe to Leonardo Di Caprio for his role in The Revenant, but co-star Kate Winslet did win Best Supporting Actress with her portrayal of Apple PR guru Joanna Hoffman, and writer Aaron Sorkin won Best Screenplay for his penmanship.

Though the film currently holds an 85% ‘fresh’ rating on reviews aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film only made $17.7m dollars, losing millions for the movie’s studio, Universal.

At the awards, Sorkin quipped: “The title of the movie changed to ‘Box Office Failure Steve Jobs’ after its third week. It took some of the air out of the pride that we were feeling. We didn’t want that to be the epithet of the movie. This is just very, very nice.”