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[VIDEO] Watch as former software engineer builds an iPhone 6s from scratch

Former software engineer Scotty Allen has just embarked on a DIY project that would turn most handymen into quivering wrecks. He’s just built an iPhone 6s, from scratch, using spare parts sourced from China.

But that’s not to say Allen was left laughing at others that bought a full price iPhone direct from Apple. Building one himself took 5 months of labor and set him back around $1,000 in components, as well as the special tools required to pull it all together. However, he does say that the phone only houses around $300 worth of components, having broken plenty of others, or simply not used them in the end.

So, why bother? In a Reddit Q&A, Allen said it’s “definitely not about the cost,” and it simple seems to be about a man exploring an interest. Though it’s certainly a vast one – Allen explored assembly lines in China as he sourced components. He also hints that he’s looking to make his own car.

Allen’s documented all this in a great YouTube documentary, which you can view below. It’s a great watch.