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Voice control on Apple TV will be much better in next tvOS update

Frustrated with a sub-par Siri? Apple TV’s voice control features are about to get much better thanks to a new beta release of tvOS issued to developers which features voice dictation.

Back in September 2015 when Tim Cook introduced the Apple TV 4, the next generation of Apple’s set top box, its voice control features were a central selling point. However, when it was finally released the following month, the reviews, though largely positive, questioned the quality of Siri’s responses.

However, the addition of voice dictation will allow users to more accurately use voice commands to operate their TVs without having to rely on Siri’s capabilities. For example, if you want to search for a video on YouTube, Siri can get muddled pretty fast, leaving the user spending precious minutes manually tapping out a request using an on-screen keyboard. Voice dictation in the new tvOS will allow users to speak through the remote to enter these details, instead.

The next update to tvOS will also include support for Bluetooth keyboards, iCloud Photo Libraries and Live Photos.

When will everyday users get their hands on this update? Nothing’s confirmed yet, but we do have a rumored live event from Apple that’s just around the corner