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Want to try out an Apple Watch? Apple Store drops need for appointment

Up until now, it’s been required to make an appointment to try out an Apple Watch. The protocol has been in place since the launch of Apple’s smartwatch back in April. The idea was that for users to really know if the wearable is right for them, they’ll need the full introductory treatment. For this, appointments were necessary.

However, after initial demand has died down, this requirement has been quietly dropped, according to retail employees, as reported via 9to5mac.

Customers now entering an Apple Store wishing to try out the Apple Watch will be able to simply walk in and try it on, if there’s space to do so.

Previously, potential customers would have to provide details of their email address so employees could link up details of their appointment, including Watch preferences, and which straps they tried on. Of course, customers can still provide this to gain a record of their time with the Watch, but in an effort to speed up the process it’s no longer a requirement.

It looks like now the early adopters have decided whether to purchase a Watch of not, the attention has turned to those that might be more likely to act on a whim.

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