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Who’s healthier – iPhone or Android users? The results are in

Competition between iPhone and Android users has been raging forever – whether it’s about software, hardware, or app stores. However, this might be the first time someone’s looked at which side of the fence is healthiest.

New information from Eat24, a food delivery app, has shown that Apple’s customer-base make healthier food choices compared to their Android counterparts.

Data was pulled from each version of the app from the last few months, by analyzing filters chosen by users – specifically, the ‘healthy’ filter.

It found that 27% of iPhone users clicked ‘healthy’ before anything else, while only 17% of Android users did this.


More iPhone users went straight for the healthy option when ordering food

More iPhone users went straight for the healthy option when ordering food via the app

Furthermore, iPhone users ordered more vegetable-based dishes that Android users – 35% of orders from an iPhone had a vegetable dish, compared to 28% on Android.

Though the findings note that vegetable dishes can still be unhealthy, Eat24 concludes that the thought behind ordering a vegetable-base dish is still a positive one.

The data-gathering went beyond simple ordering decisions – pickup and delivery figures were studied too, and again iPhone users proved to make more health-conscious decisions – they were twice as likely to order food to pickup themselves.

That’s about it for the serious figures – if you want to check out the full blog post unveiling the findings, you can also learn of Eat24’s opinion on which logo – Apple or Android’s – is healthier, and what it believes iOS actually stands for (incredibly Operational Salad, FYI).

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