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Wordle App: the viral hit is finally on the App Store

Anyone still playing Wordle? The word/logic game became an unlikely sensation earlier this year, with people around the world comparing their successes and failures with friends as they tried to solve each daily puzzle in as few moves as possible.

It was a viral smash hit, gaining popularity so fast that The New York Times stepped in and bought it for a cool million dollars. But it’s never been on the App Store – until now.

NY Times Crossword

Despite dozens of unofficial clones, cheap rip-offs, and even some genuinely clever games that took inspiration from Wordle, the original game itself has always been a web app that you play in your browser. Anything found in the App Store was a fake.

But NY Times has now rolled the game in with the rest of the games in its Crossword app. Maybe this shows that the Wordle hype has finally died down, with it now just another daily challenge to sit alongside Spelling BeeLetter Boxed, and more in the NY Times puzzle pantheon.

Meanwhile, the web version isn’t going anywhere, if you’re keen to keep your existing bookmarks and stats. And there’s a bizarre real-world board game version coming soon too, for anyone who just can’t get enough.

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