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WSJ all but confirms iPhone 7 storage options boost – entry will be 32GB

The forthcoming iPhone 7’s storage options will begin at 32GB – twice that of the current base level of 16GB, the Wall Street Journal is reporting.

This development has been previously reported, as well as the possibility of storage options going all the way up to 256GB, but the fact a major news outlet like the Wall Street Journal is now citing the rumor is a huge indication it’s likely to come true in September when the next iPhone is announced.

The WSJ writes:

“The new iPhones are expected to have more storage for those photos. Instead of 16GB as a starting point for the entry-level iPhone, the new starting point will be 32GB, according to a person familiar with Apple’s iPhone plans.”

The iPhone 7 is expected to look largely similar in design to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s in what’s believed to be a sign that Apple is moving towards a three-year design refresh development cycle. However, it’s expected the 3.5mm headphone jack will disappear, leading the device to being that little bit more waterproof. Elsewhere there’s rumors that the Plus model will include a dual camera, whereas the more leftfield possibilities could be that we see an iPhone Pro, which would mean we see three new iPhones in the fall, and potentially a new Home button.

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