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WWDC 2016 confirmed by Apple, dates and ticket details revealed

What new features are iPhone and iPad users going to be getting their hands on in iOS 10? Well, we’re one step closer to finding out after Apple announced the dates of this year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference.

The event, which has been confirmed to take place between June 13 and June 17 in San Francisco is designed to give developers a first look at what they’re going to be able to utilize in their apps is also just as much a marketing event for Apple to reveal the new features it’s been working on to the press, and indeed the entire world.

This means we’re more than likely to see the announcement of iOS 10 during the week’s opening keynote, as is tradition. A press release released by Apple has the keynote scheduled for 10am PT/1pm ET on Mon. June 13th.

What will we see?

We’ve mentioned iOS 10 but it’s likely to be a lot more. We will probably see some kind of major upgrade to OS X (included a rumored renaming to Mac OS), watchOS and tvOS.

There will also most likely be a live and extensive demo of iOS 10. There’s also a possibility that Apple may finally bring Siri to the Mac.

It’s also been rumored that we’ll see some significant spec upgrades to last year’s new 12-inch MacBook, while there are also rumors on MacBook Pro upgrades and potentially new ultra-thin MacBooks.

It’s highly unlikely we’ll see any other hardware upgrades as these are generally reserved for Apple’s big fall iPhone-focused events.

Who’s going?

The week is developer-facing and those that are already signed up to the Apple’s developer programme and wish to attend need to register for a chance to ‘win’ tickets as part of a lottery system by 10am PT on April 22.

Those that are selected are then able to purchase the ticket for $1,599.

However, scholarships are offered for selected students. As in previous years, Apple is giving students the opportunity to attend but they’ll need to apply via Apple’s WWDC website.

Can I watch?

Absolutely. Apple stream’s plenty of the event – particularly the keynote. It’ll be watchable via this address, or on the Apple TV or the WWDC app.

We’ll also be covering the event live, so make sure you follow us on Twitter.