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WWDC 2020 Recap – everything we learned this past week

Thanks to the current coronavirus pandemic, this week we got a taste of the first all-online WWDC. A decision borne out of necessity proved to be fertile ground, with many developers expressing a feeling that the event in many ways felt better this way. More accessible, more global, more community-driven.

Apple’s opening keynote was impressively delivered too, with pre-recorded speeches and demos from a variety of locations helping to keep things interesting. Some regular attendees may have missed the audience cheers and potential for mishaps that come with a live stage demo, but we found the keynote to be faster-paced and more exciting than usual.

Meanwhile, with tickets no longer limited and physical space no issue, developers from all around the world got a chance to take part in Apple’s virtual engineering sessions and developer labs. Hopefully, Apple will remember these successes even when large gatherings and press events are safe again.

Apple announced a shed-load of software updates this past week: the biggest ever update to the Home screen, new environmental options in Apple Maps, tons of new privacy features, and the most significant Mac update in 20 years. All these features will go into beta testing over the Summer ahead of a public launch this Fall.

We’ve been reporting on these announcements all through the week, but if you missed anything – or want to jog your memory – check out all our coverage of WWDC below.

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