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Componut – build your way to donut freedom

Send escaped donuts back home in this new puzzler

Price: Free (IAP to unlock full game)
Version: 1.3.0
Size: 482.8 MB
Platform: iPhone / iPad
Developer: Simon Hogland


Taking place in a world where apparently it’s your job to help a stray donut make its way back to its box of brothers and sisters, while simultaneously being in charge of a construction site, it’s no surprise that these puzzles come without prescribed solutions. Instead, the game’s physics-based approach –toying with the properties of metal, wood, bungee cords, wheels, and a bunch of other bits and pieces – means this is essentially a game for problem-solving tinkerers. There are a ton of potential solutions and finding your own way through the chaos is all part of the fun.

The idea is simple: get that doughnut back in that dang box

In fact, when you accidentally solve a level, ensuring by fluke that the donut finds its way home, it doesn’t always feel deserved – leading you to voluntarily start the level again.

But let’s back up. Despite the above, Componut is relatively simple in its approach. Each level provides a view of a construction site – sitting at one end is an almost-full box of donuts, while at another end of the site is a lonesome lost donut sitting atop a small blueprint box. Your goal is to get the donut successfully from A to B. If it stays within the box for 3 seconds, you complete the level. If it doesn’t make it to the box, or rolls out the other side, you lose.

Use various contraptions, including bungys, anvils and create a truly unique contraption

The blueprint acts as a kind of sandbox, in which you can create various contraptions and support structures to help your little donut friend its way. That could be a simple support beam used as a bridge, or it could be a makeshift buggy, the wheels of which will hopefully ride that donut to its kin.

To use the blueprint, you’ll need to select from a finite selection of materials that you’re provided at the start of a level. Combine them in the right way, in the right direction, at the right length, and once you hit the play button, the blueprint disappears and things start moving. One way or another, this will either prove you a master of physics or an absolute mess of a human being that can’t even work out how to put a donut back in its box.

It all starts with the blueprint…

The game is free to download and you get a handful of levels for free at the start, but unlocking the entire game of 50 levels won’t break the bank – unlock the full game for $3/£3.

Sometimes you’ll have no idea whether the monstrosity you’ve created will even work

Make no mistake, Componut can feel extremely difficult, much of the time. But spend enough time with it, get into a flow, and you’ll feel incredible. Componut is one of those games that has the magic combination of uniqueness, challenge, but – and this is often what’s missing – a sense of reward and accomplishment.