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Get aCC-e55 – revolving room escape game

Room escape puzzle game in 360 degrees

Price: Free to download
IAP: $2/£2 to remove ads
Version: 1.1.51
Size: 112 MB
Developer: Andrew Kyznetsov

Get aCC-e55

We love a good room escape game. The kind of challenge that requires lateral thinking and analysis of clues. But Get aCC-e55 takes a novel approach to the more rigid point-and-click style of similar games we’ve come to expect on the App Store.

For a start, it provides a little more narrative. Though it can be largely boiled down to building a time machine in a car that seems very familiar to what you might find in a certain 1980s film franchise, the inclusion of characters and the ability to move between rooms is a nice touch.

The rooms can be viewed in 360 degrees – spin it round to find the exit! (though you have to figure out how to open it first)

Starting in a crowded workshop, you’ve got to scout around to find clues on how to escape each room – though you’ll soon find yourself in another. Be it outside, into the basement, or even a bar – all the while finding parts for the car and instructions on how to assemble it.

What makes Get aCC-e55 a little more interesting is its mechanics. Here, you’re not just presented with one viewpoint of the room. Tap on the left and right sides of the screen and it quickly spins around to display another perspective. This often reveals items you may have missed or hidden clues.

Gain access to other rooms to figure out more puzzles

In terms of graphic design, the game feels like a retro adventure game – detail not too overblown – without going so far as resorting to pixel art. It’s a popular modern aesthetic built on bright, punchy, flat colors and charmingly simplistic 3D models.

For what is essentially a free game, the length is decent too. While it might only take a few hours to complete – the clues thankfully aren’t too obtuse – it has decent depth to dig into over a few play sessions. There are ads, but they’re uniquely placed. As you tap around the screen looking for items that you can pick up and use later, you quite often pick up a flyer from the floor mistaking it for a useful piece of paper. This fires up a video ad which you can skip after 5 seconds. It’s a creative solution, and not too intrusive.

Tap on various items to view them – some will provide clues to other puzzles

The only IAP is full access via a manual found in the bass workshop room. For $2 you can remove ads and it also gives you a tool you can use to gain access to another room later in the game. However, it’s worth mentioning that if you don’t take the IAP you can only get that tool by clicking on a specific item in the workshop and watching 10 ads, though this isn’t clear and required a bit of Googling to uncover.

Characters may also send you off to gather items for them

Otherwise, there are plenty of nice touches. From the lonely bartender in the building’s watering hole who you’ll need to help mix some drinks, to the gradual assembly of the actual car in the garage, to some familiar puzzle game tropes such as reconnecting electrical circuits and the like.

Get aCC-e55 is a solid title. It’s not a groundbreaking game, but it’s plenty creative, with some unique touches. Even if you pay for the IAP, we think this is good value for money. There’s only one thing you can do in these situations… enjoy.