A solid follow up to last year’s Super Phantom Cat

Price: Free
Version: 1.1
Size: 144MB
Developer: Veewo
Platform: iPhone / iPad

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Super Phantom Cat dropped last year and though it was a largely pleasant platformer the traits it shared with the older Super Mario games were too similar to dismiss. You’ve got your short-stack enemies just waiting for you to bop them on the head, you’ve got bricks, coins to collect and all manner of classic platforms to jump on. But now, enter Super Phantom Cat 2 – a wildly positive step in the right direction.

There are familiar motifs all over the game, but it manages to retain its own style

This new edition – which has incidentally gone free, with a not exactly slight addition of in app purchases – has done exactly what an almost-emulation platformer should do: it’s widened the world it exists in considerably. In the sequel, we have a story, told through micro cut scenes and new characters. But now Super Phantom Cat has even more character, does this set it aside from its contemporaries?

Not exactly – after all, you could say Mario’s popularity is largely based on its wide kingdom of secondary characters.

In the second edition, the game has opened up the platform to include new worlds and game mechanics

But we’re talking mobile here, and Super Phantom Cat 2 doesn’t need to be wholly original. Its pick-up-and-play value is strong, and it’s easy to jump straight in. It’s also incredibly smooth when it comes to its graphics and gameplay. Though the design isn’t exactly mind-blowing, its simple approach and liberal use of the entire color palette (and then some) makes it an entertaining game for all ages.

New characters have been added with new and interesting powers

It’s not hard though – despite boss levels, and the tendency to run out of lives prompting the inevitable plea to make an IAP, it’s easy enough to power through. But the mechanics and each levels’ attributes have been given a boost. There are trampoline style mushrooms, secret areas, and new powers which let you plant vines to help you reach high-up places. There’s also a whole host of characters that have been added, meaning you don’t always have to jump around as the Phantom Cat.

At its heart, the game is always incredibly fun – and is suitable for kids and adults alike

Overall, there’s enough added in this sequel to make it a more than worthy continuation of a solid title. But we’ll be looking for something significantly more groundbreaking in Super Phantom Cat 3.

Super Phantom Cat 2 - neon platform adventures continue
A more than decent follow up.
  • The game design is great
  • Super fluid
  • Loads of characters
  • There's now IAPs
  • It's not hugely challenging
4.0Overall Score