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Battery Quiz: do you know how to look after your battery?

How well do you look after your battery? Do you know the best practices for extending battery life?

These are the issues examined in a new smartphone quiz by AT&T. Though not specific to Apple devices, its general advice covers a lot of useful topics and is a handy way to check if your assumed knowledge is accurate.

“Most people think they know the best ways to optimize their smartphone’s lithium-ion battery life. However, when put to the test, only 20% of the people who took our quiz were able to answer all the questions correctly.”

How many do you know? Press here to try the battery quiz for yourself.

Our only real issue with the quiz is its recommendation that you should unplug your device as soon as it charges up to 100% battery. This is a common misconception as all modern iPhones and iPads automatically switch to a negligible “trickle charge” when full. This avoids overcharging and unnecessary strain on the battery.

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Apple has massively improved its focus on battery health of late, with a new feature added in iOS 11.3 to help users track the wear on their battery as well as extend its lifespan. Read more about the iOS Battery Health settings here.