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Guide: iCloud Photo Library – copy & share images on the iPhone | iOS 9

In iOS 8.1, Apple introduced iCloud Photo Library. This allows you to store a copy of all your images in iCloud and access them on all your other devices.

To enable it, head to Settings, select iCloud and tap Photos. From the top you can enable or disable iCloud Photo Library. Storing photos in this way will take up space in your iCloud account, so you might need to pay and upgrade from the free 5 GB Apple gives you to store all of your images and videos in the cloud.

Once enabled it can take some time for images to be uploaded but once they are you can view your pictures on other iOS devices, a desktop computer, or even access through On your other iOS devices, ensure you are signed in with the same Apple ID and iCloud Photo Library is enabled.


Optimize or Keep Originals?

If iCloud Photo Library is enabled, you can reduce the amount of storage space that images take up on your device. Select Optimize iPhone Storage from the iCloud options. Images now stored on the device will not be at full resolution but at a lighter and more optimized size while still looking great on the device.


Original photos will still be uploaded and backed up to iCloud at their full resolution should you need to restore your photo library to its original state at a later date. You can also access and download individual photos at full resolution on your computer through

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