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Internet privacy: update to our favorite VPN service

There are a bunch of reasons you might want to set up a VPN, or “virtual private network.” Once the domain of security-conscious uber-nerds, these days VPNs are for the everyman. They make your internet browsing secure and anonymous, and can be used to protect your data, avoid hackers and government surveillance, and even stream TV shows that are region-locked to another country. They provide a level of security between your web browser and the wider world.

Basically, if the recent Facebook controversy had you worrying about privacy, you should really consider setting up a VPN.

One of our favorite VPN services is called HideMyAss, and it’s recently been updated to offer more capabilities than ever. We figured now was a good time to remind you about it.

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HMA connect

So what’s new with the app? Well, a new location mode has made it easier than ever to quickly switch VPN servers to a new location. You can search for a specific country to route your traffic through, or for specific locations that are good for streaming. Beyond that, a feature called IP shuffle has been designed to make it much harder for people to track your location using your IP address.

If you’re not sure the benefits of the service, you can try the HideMyass web proxy: it’s a free service that allows you to access websites blocked by your service provider. The app offers a free trial for those not yet convinced about the benefits of a VPN.