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Capture It All – take stunning photos with your iPhone

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We’ve been recommending the iPhone Photography School to our readers for years. It’s our favorite resource for anyone looking to improve their camera skills using the iPhone camera, which just keeps getting better each year.

So we’re here to tell you that the school recently launched an amazing new course, Capture It All, which follows pro photographer Clifford Pickett as he travels through Mexico showcasing the skills you’ll need to photograph more or less anything using nothing but an iPhone.

Capture It All launched over the summer, but we wanted to go through the course ourselves before telling you about it. We never recommend something we haven’t personally tested and enjoyed.

So what’s the big deal? Well, if you’ve done an iPhone Photography School course before – or any online learning, to be frank – you’ll notice a different tone here. Impressive production values combined with constantly changing locations make it feel like more watching a slick TV travelogue than a series of tutorial videos. There’s still plenty to learn, but the course is much more entertaining than most e-learning resources.

Perhaps more importantly, it’s extremely inspiring. There’s a ton of stunning photography on show throughout the course, but thanks to the focus on shooting with an iPhone, it always feels achievable. Nothing feels out of reach, even for someone with no previous experience. We know a thing or two about iPhone photography already here at Tips & Tricks, but we still felt inspired to go out and try some of the techniques shown here.

Pickett covers a lot of depth and all the technical concepts you might need without resorting to geeky camera jargon. All the core features of the Camera app are covered, plus a bunch of hidden settings, and suggestions for third-party apps and gadgets to take your photography game up a level.

But it’s not all technical wizardry. So much of a good photographer’s job happens away from the camera, and Pickett relies on his years of experience to pass on tips for finding the right subject, preparing a scene, adjusting the lighting, perfecting your composition, and getting the best from your portraits.

The new course portal also makes it easy to access the video lessons, and to skip ahead if you already know the basics. You’ll get lifetime access to the course, so there’s no pressure to speed through it, and we found the IPS support team pretty responsive to users who get stuck or want to ask questions.

iPhone Photography School still offers a ton of free lessons on its main website, but the depth and quality of Capture It All is unmatched. If you’re curious, press here to read more about everything covered in the course and decide if it’s right for you.

Capture It All

Full disclosure: if you use our affiliate link, we’ll get a cut of the sale – but you’ll also be eligible for an 80% discount. Win-win. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind.