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New features in iOS 10: Control Center | iOS 10 Guide

Control Center is an operational hub offering quick access to a few of the iPhone’s features that generally just require an on/off button. You’ve got Airplane mode, to quickly block out connections, quick switches for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, plus brightness settings, a flashlight, and a Camera shortcut.

Night Shift, a feature for controlling the amount of blue light emitted from the screen, which could potentially disrupt sleep, was also dropped in there when it arrived in iOS 8.3. However, in iOS 10, Control Center has received a significant redesign.


The design is a little more rounded and lighter, like other places in iOS 10, but the key change here is the addition of multiple panes within Control Center, which allows a little more room for everything.

While the top five buttons; Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and Rotation Lock remain in place (though a little splash of color has been added to these buttons if you toggle them on,) you may notice that the music controls that used to sit a little too snugly within the main Control Center have vanished.

To access them, you’ll now have to swipe left. You’re then provided with your currently playing, or last played music tracks. This provides artwork, a slider and other controls. There’s also a dedicated section where you can easily choose where you want to send the audio – either directly through your iPhone’s headphones or speakers, or via a Bluetooth speaker, or perhaps via an Apple TV.


If you’re interested in utilizing Apple’s Home automation capabilities then another swipe will take you to a third pane featuring enabled accessories.

Finally, the bottom four buttons; Flashlight, Timer, Calculator and Camera remain in position, but all become 3D-Touch enabled. If you’ve an iPhone 6s or later then deep pressing on these icons provide more options.