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New features in iOS 10: Maps | iOS 10 Guide

Maps continues to steadily grow in functionality, and iOS 10 has brought a number of new features to Apple’s on-board maps and navigation app. Let’s take a look:

On-Route traffic updates

Maps now takes note of changing traffic situations, meaning if congestion develops on your current route, Maps will offer alternate ways to reach your destination on the fly to try and avoid traffic. You can also scroll ahead on the route to see what’s coming up. Previously you could move around a little before Maps would ping you back to your current location – now enjoy the freedom of seeing if that road you’re on will ever end!



Apple is very keen on pro-active suggestions these days, and Maps is no different – Apple has added a new feature that will provide suggested destinations, based on your Calendar, or previous routes. Say you normally go to work at the same time everyday, firing up the Maps app at that time might provide you with this suggested route.

Third-party integration

Like many other elements of iOS 10, Apple now allows third-party apps to integrate with Maps. The kind of thing we’re looking at here is services like Uber. A more open Maps has the potential to allow you to book a ride with the transport network app as well as pay for it using Apple Pay, if you’ve set it up. This means you wouldn’t need to leave the Maps app for your whole journey. To access this you simply search for a destination, tap ‘Directions’, and then select ‘Ride’ in the bottom right hand corner of the bottom menu bar, and any services available on the App Store will feature here.

Quick Controls

Maps now has a few more easily accessible options when you’re actually on your way. When on route, swipe up on the bar where your arrival time and distance details are, and a larger menu will swipe up including large buttons for Gas Stations, Lunch, and Coffee, as well as a quick way to view an Overview of the route, direction Details, and Audio controls.