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New features in iOS 10: The new Home app | iOS 10 Guide

A brand new app for iOS 10! This one won’t be for everyone, however, and will only really prove useful for those that wish to automate their homes.

The Home app is borne out of HomeKit, introduced in 2014, and it’s a protocol that allows smart home devices, like smart lamps or heating systems to communicate with iOS so they can be controlled via a device.

Of course, making your home ‘Smart’ costs money, and is probably not a path renters would consider, but for those willing to put the time in the new Home app will allow users to control all their smart devices via one app as opposed to product-makers own individual apps.

The app’s fairly straightforward to use:

When you first open it, it’ll ask you to add your first accessory. From there, you just need to tap the + icon under the Home tab to add compatible accessories or a scene.

These scenes could relate to the morning, or your arrival home, or before you go to bed, and can detail how the different devices should interact while these scenes are activated.

Elsewhere, depending on the accessory, it’ll be controlled via sliders and presets.

The second major part of the app comes under a Room tab, which allows you to organize accessories by room.

Note: Once accessories are activated, they can be found quickly within the Control Center. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen then swipe to the left twice, and you’ll gain quick access to Home settings.