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New on Flix – optimize your Netflix viewing

There’s no denying that Netflix and its associated app are a deep rabbit hole for movies and TVs. There are positives and negatives to that, of course. There’s a whole ton of stuff waiting to be discovered, but on the flip side, how the heck do you find it all?

For those long-term subscribers who have steadily consumed Netflix’s back catalog, new content is gold – but have you noticed Netflix’s self-congratulating habit of mostly featuring its own series and films?

Well, there’s a new app in town, and it focuses on the content that phases in and out of the Netflix catalog as publishing deals come and go. Hello, New on Flix.

How to find out what’s just been added to Netflix

With new stuff being added every day, it’s incredibly useful knowing what’s just been added without having to hope it all shows up on the main algorithm-led feed.

To see what’s recently been added, fire up New on Flix and tap the ‘News’ tab. This will show you the movies and TV show that have been added over the last 10 days by default.

Head to the Settings tab and you can alter the time period that it shows from just the last few days up to 15 days. Much easier than scrolling for hours on the hunt for something you’ve not seen before.

How to find out what’s about to leave Netflix

The nature of the biz means that titles don’t stick around on Netflix forever. (Netflix Originals notwithstanding.) Unfortunately, the movies and shows most likely to stick around for only a short period of time are oftentimes the good ones with the pricey publication deals.

Keeping tabs on what’s about to expire is even trickier than learning what’s new – but New on Flix has a feed for that too. Tap on the Today tab and you’ll get a list of what’s about to leave Netflix over the next week or so. Tap on a movie, and then tap Watch to open it on the Netflix app.

It’s a fantastic way to give a bit of urgency to your viewing, to ensure you make the most of active titles before the chance is gone. It can get a little overwhelming when you see 10 titles leaving today, but sometimes you just have to let things go.