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Quick tip! Automatically apply full screen effects using phrases in the Messages app

Full screen effects were added to Apple’s devices in iOS 10. It means that when you type out a message, you can swipe right on the screen in the Messages app, and apply a full screen effect. This could be in the form of balloons, or confetti, or even fireworks.

You can read our full guide on animated Messages for more info.

However, to save time, some full screen effects can also be triggered automatically. Typing the phrases ‘Happy Birthday,’ ‘Congratulations,’ or simply ‘Congrats,’ will apply a full screen effect on both yours, and the recipient’s screen.


So, next time you text someone Happy Birthday on their special day, you may just find you’ve sent them a little more flourish than their average well-wisher!

Note: this feature is switched off if you have ‘Reduce Motion’ enabled (Settings > General > Accessibility.)