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Shot on iPhone XR: Amazing photos handpicked by Apple

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Top quality photography used to require expensive cameras and extensive technical knowledge, but these days anyone with an iPhone or iPad can have a crack at the big time. Once again Apple is proving that point with a handpicked selection of incredible photos taken with its latest devices.

Having already shown off its favorite iPhone XS shots, Apple is now showcasing the surprisingly adept camera of the “mid-range” iPhone XR as part of its ongoing Shot on iPhone campaign.

iPhone XR has the exact same main camera as the XS, despite being a full $250 cheaper. Admittedly, it lacks a 2x telephoto lens for better zoom, but the regular wide-angle lens is superb. And thanks to clever software tricks, it can even pull off Portrait mode shots with a single lens. In fact, because the XR’s single lens has a wider aperture than the telephoto lens used on the XS, it’s reportedly even better than its big brother when it comes to low-light portraits.

You can see Apple’s full selection of iPhone XR shots here, – it’s amazing to see what amateur photographers can do with an iPhone these days!

If these shots inspire you to up your own photography game, consider checking out our friends at the iPhone Photography Academy for advanced techniques and tuition. With Black Friday on the horizon, the academy’s paid course is currently half price – and there are some useful freebies too if you’d rather keep your wallet in your pocket.