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Stream via JustWatch – don’t search individual streaming apps

As the entertainment world makes the lumbering shift towards streaming as a primary source of viewing, consumers are often left in a fractious environment when it comes to figuring out what, and where to watch.

You may be familiar with the problem: you decide to watch a particular movie but aren’t sure where to find it. Cue a painstaking montage in which you individually search all your media apps to find out which one has the film within its catalog.

JustWatch is the latest app to try to solve this. It essentially combines every service’s catalog to help you choose which streaming service to use for the movie or TV show you want to watch.

Here’s how to get started:

How to add a streaming service

JustWatch allows you to find what you want across subscriptions like Netflix and HBO Now, pay as you go services like iTunes and Amazon, and free services like BBC iPlayer.

To get started, you’ll have to select which ones you use. First, download the app free from the App Store.

Get JustWatch

After opening the app, select your country. This will prompt the app to only show you providers available in that location.

When you’re asked which providers you use, you can select as many or as few as you want. You may want to select more so you can see what you’re missing from other services.

Once you reach the main screen it will automatically show titles available under these services, and any search you make will incorporate them.

You can filter further or deselect and select services along the menu at the top.

How to search for the show you want to watch

To search for a specific title, tap the search button in the top right-hand corner of the main screen and start typing.

Tap on the show title when it appears and you’ll be taken to the show’s page. Here, you can either tap on a specific season or episode.

To find out where you can watch it, scroll down to the ‘Watch Now’ section. For Game of Thrones, JustWatch tells us we can stream it via HBO or HBO Go. If you tap HBO Go and you own a subscription, you’ll be taken to the app. If you don’t, you’ll be taken to a webpage that invites you to sign up.

If you just want to buy the individual show or don’t want a subscription – this page shows us numerous options under ‘Buy’, including iTunes and Google Play. If you tap the iTunes logo, you’ll be taken to the App Store page where you can buy and then watch the show.

How to add it to your watchlist

If you don’t want to watch the show there and then, you can add it to your watchlist and go back later. This allows users of JustWatch to build up a library – or to-do list – of things to watch, so you can keep a record all in one place and never have to visit the individual apps first.

To add a show to your watchlist, follow the instructions above to find the show or film you want.

Then scroll down until you find a button titled ‘Track show’ (you can only use the watchlist if you sign up for an account – if you haven’t yet there will be a button below instructing you to do so.) Tap this button and the show will be added to your watchlist.

To access the shows in your watchlist – head to the WatchList tab on the bottom right of the bottom menu bar.

And there we have it – you no longer have to go through Netflix, Amazon, Now TV, or any number of streaming services to find what you want to watch.