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Valentine’s Cards – design your own with PicCollage

Template and collage apps are great for creating montages for social media, but they really come into their own around the various annual holidays as they allow you to create custom greetings cards for digital or physical distribution. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re going to show you how to create and send a card to your loved one using PicCollage.


The app includes a whole bunch of free templates to get you started, plus some premium offerings for a price. The templates work the same either way, with the VIP subscription simply unlocking additional choices, so our guide will work either way.

Firstly, open up the app. You’ll have the option to get started with a photo, but this will take you through making collages or adding backgrounds to your images. Not necessarily the best approach for designing a valentine’s card. Instead, tap the yellow Cards button to begin.

This will give you a whole range of templates for various occasions from birthdays to new babies, and even to trending topics such as the current social media profile picture craze.

Scroll down the categories until you reach Valentine’s Day and tap see all. PicCollage peppers the categories with a mix of VIP templates and free ones. There’s not a hugely discernible difference in quality, but VIP templates sometimes give you a little more to play with.

With that in mind, pick a template. We’ve gone for a classic pizza pun because who doesn’t love pizza and puns?

Once you’ve tapped the template you want, you can start adding items. If you’ve picked one with spaces for images, simply tap the empty areas, press the pen button to edit, then choose photos from your camera roll.

You can also add text to customize the design for your special someone, and then make it a little fancier by adding stickers and even photos from the internet by using the web image search function.

Once you’ve added photos in the empty gaps, you can also use the built-in tools to edit them directly by adding filters, increasing brightness, cutting out elements, and adding animations to the various elements of the template, and any stickers you’ve added can move about the screen.

When you’re happy, tap done in the top right. Now you have the option to either save the card to your library, share via your favorite app, or print it yourself so you can physically send it to your loved one. It’s worth noting that the free version of the app will export your card with a watermark on it. You can remove this logo properly with a VIP payment, or get crafty and crop it out using the Photos app when you’re finished – so long as there’s nothing important along the bottom edge of your design.

PicCollage’s VIP subscription costs $4.49 a month or $32.99 a year. That could be well worth it if you plan to use the service a lot, but as ever, your mileage may vary.

Speaking of the VIP subscription, signing up will give you access to more backgrounds, more templates and animations, and the ability to add more video. Some of the best content is hidden behind this subscription, but with a little creativity, the basic templates can still work wonders. Check out this social media themed example.

Enjoy making your valentine’s cards! Note: they don’t have to be addressed to your dog.

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