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WeWatch recommendations – making joint movie selection easy

WeWatch, a movie finder with a well-thought out social element, helps you to not only choose movies you want to watch, it also helps you and a partner, friend, or group of friends easily find something you all agree on.

It does this by matching the movies you like with the movies they like, Tinder-style.

Here’s how to get started with WeWatch and speed up your movie nights by knowing what you’re going to watch before you get to the dreaded Netflix home screen and its paralysis of choice.

Getting started

First, download WeWatch for free on the App Store, and ask your friend(s) to do the same. Then fire up the app and make your way through the setup screen, giving yourself a username.


Now you’ll want to add the other person you’re planning to watch a film with. You can do this by going to the Friends tab along the app’s bottom menu.

From here, tap + Invite Friends. This will open up the Share Sheet where you can navigate to the chosen individual’s contact info – whether that’s text, email, or social. They’ll be sent a link to download the app from the App Store.

Once they’ve downloaded the app and set up their account, give them your username so they can find you via the Search tab in the app. Alternatively, ask them for their username and you can find them. The other person will be able to find the friend request in the Friends tab and accept it.

Time to meet your match

Now’s the fun part. Both of you will need to head to the Home tab where a selection of movie posters will be waiting for you.

The app provides information on the name, year of release, film length and a user rating out of ten. Tap on the poster and it will bring up a synopsis, a link to the trailer, the movie genres, and which streaming services you might find it on.

From here you’ll either need to swipe right if you like the sound of it, left if you don’t, or up if you’ve already seen it. Alternatively, if you’re not ready to decide you can swipe down and it’ll come back to you later.

Your friend will be doing this at the same time. To find out where you’ve both swiped right on a movie go to the Friends tab again and then tap on the person’s name. The app will then show you all the films you both want to watch. Now it’s just a case of picking which of your matches to stick on – much easier than trying to pick from the literally thousands that are available to stream.

And it’s as simple as that! You can also create a group in the Friends tab and get a whole gang round. Either way, picking a movie is suddenly a lot easier that it used to be…