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India refuses to allow Apple to sell used iPhones

An application from Apple to begin selling refurbished iPhones in India has been turned down a telecommunications ministry official has said.

‘Official policy’ was cited as the reason for the decision.

It’s thought Apple is exploring further revenue sources following a plateau of iPhone sales.

However, India operates the ‘Make in India‘ programme, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014, to encourage homegrown manufacturing.

The news was reported by Bloomberg, which also noted a campaign launched by Apple’s rivals, including Samsung, after the plans were revealed.

Rivals argued if Apple was allowed to supply refurbished iPhones it would defeat the purpose of the government’s programme.

The iPhone’s pricing is out of reach for much of the country, despite it being the second largest mobile population. Apple generally doesn’t lower its price points based on location so being able to sell refurbished products would have allowed an alternative way to offer a cheaper option.

The decision will be a blow for Apple, which currently only has 2 percent of Indian phone sales in a country dominated by local companies.