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Newton Mail: popular email client returns to the App Store

Like the legend of the phoenix, Newton Mail has been reborn. Having been sadly killed off last year as its developers struggled to monetize the service, our favorite email app is once again available on the App Store – and its all thanks to a timely acquisition by a larger company.

“CloudMagic, the company behind Newton mail, was acquired by Essential in December and we have been hard at work bringing Newton back to our community. Our vision, core team, and commitment to provide you with a space age email experience remain unchanged.”

No time to deal with an email, but don’t want to forget it? Snooze until a more convenient time!

We liked Newton for its dedication to customizability and its suite of useful productivity features including read receipts, snooze mail, undo send, and more. It looks great, helps users reach the fabled “inbox zero,” and can even unsubscribe from newsletters in bulk for you.

The only real downside is the pricing, with an annual subscription that works out to around $4/£4 monthly for unlimited use across all your devices – perfectly fair if you deal with a lot of email, but perhaps unnecessary for light users. You can read our full review of the app if you want to know a bit more before committing.

If you were already a subscriber before the service shut down, you should be able to log in and continue using the app with your old account details.

Newton Mail