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Premium $15 to-do list app 2Do goes completely free in the App Store

If the like of Wunderlist or Todoist, or even Apple’s own Reminders app don’t do it for you, why not check out 2Do – a premium-priced to-do app which has just gone totally free on the App Store.

Previously priced at $15, its quality isn’t just assumed on price, it’s a highly-lauded app as well. Macstories made it app of the year in 2015, Cult Of Mac gave it 5/5 in a review, while Gizmodo gave it the Gold Medal for “Best app for forgetful people.” Apple’s also testified towards its quality by making it App of the week in 2015, alongside a number of other categories previously.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a straight-forward price drop. The latest update brought iOS 10 compatibility, but also the freemium model – with an optional upgrade to Pro. The $14.99 remains in place to access Pro features including sync, backups and alerts and features as an IAP. However, the developers have given users a 14-day, full-featured trial to get to grips with the app, while the lite version of the app can still be used after the trial.

Features include creating multiple lists, tasks, projects, and sub-tasks with various reminders and alarms. It contains your regular to-do app-style features, but it also comes with additional features like pinch-zooming for more information, smart lists, and batch editing and sharing. plus quick-add tools.

Check out 2Do on iTunes to download and view the app’s full list of features.

See 2Do in app via the video below:

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