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Weekly Apps Roundup – Aug 06 2015

Check out the new and notable apps we think you should be downloading this week.

Angry Birds 2

Price: Free (IAPs) • Version: 2.0.1 • Size: 86.3 MB

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Far and away the most polished, good-looking Angry Birds game to date. The new Candy Crush-style ‘lives’ system may divide fans, but gameplay-wise this sequel more than lives up to the original. New features and characters with the same classic tower-smashing physics action.


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Race the Sun

Price: $4.99/£3.99 • Version: 1.01 • Size: 75.5 MB

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Pilot a solar-powered bird-shaped craft through the skies in pursuit of the setting sun. Maintain power by avoiding the shadows and stay alive by avoiding obstacles. A breakneck arcade game in a beautiful world.


Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

Price: $2.99/£2.29 • Version: 1.0 • Size: 37.5 MB

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The popular survival horror franchise is back again with another scare-fest of rogue animatronics. Playing as a child armed only with a flashlight, you must survive five nights without encountering the demonic toys.

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Lrn – Learn to Code

Price: Free • Version: 1.0.1 • Size: 1.7 MB

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Programming is becoming a more and more useful skill, and this app will help you learn the basics of coding at your own speed and convenience, through a series of interactive mini-quizzes and review questions.

Matter – Add 3D Objects to Photos

Price: $1.99/£1.49  Free • Version: 1.3.1 • Size: 41.7 MB

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Integrate 3D objects and effects into your photos, complete with real-time reflections and shadows to blend the real with the surreal. Choose from simple geometric shapes to complex structures, and fine-tune the image to your liking. You can also create animated video loops and integrate audio.


Broken Age

Price: $9.99/£7.99  $6.99/£4.99 • Version: 2.1.0 • Size: 2.51 GB

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A premium adventure game with an impressive voice cast of movie stars like Elijah Wood and Jack Black. It’s a coming of age story with a sense of humor, hand-drawn animated graphics and challenging puzzles.


Todo & Don’ts

Price: $0.99/£0.79  Free • Version: 1.0.2 • Size: 0.6 MB

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Based on the premise of the classic ‘pros and cons’ list, this app makes all kinds of dual lists to help you stay organized. It’s a new way to focus your plans and get things done.

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