Welcome to the sixth and final part of our festive roundup series! With just a week to go until Christmas Day, this list should help ensure you have the best possible time this holiday season. If you missed them, make sure to check out our previous roundups:

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Having fun

The wrapping paper’s been torn off. You’ve eaten more potatoes and turkey than you thought possible to fit inside yourself. And now you just want to melt into the sofa to the point that you may very well fuse with the fabric. Fortunately, your iPhone or iPad can help you unwind.

Here, we’ve picked four essential apps for Christmas day fun.

Christmas Radio [Free]

There are of course loads of radio apps for the iPhone. But imagine the horror on Christmas Day if you were to accidentally stray from a relentless stream of carols and classic Christmas hits! Even the family dog, now sporting a natty jumper with an oddly knitted reindeer, might turn against you. So check out Christmas Radio, which only plays Christmas stations, every day, all year!

Get Christmas Radio

Heads Up! [$1/£1]

This is that old party game where you hold to your head a card with a famous name written on it, and try to guess their identity from clues yelled your way. The difference here is it’s played at speed, with you zooming through a deck of cards in double-quick time. And if you feel like an idiot holding an iPhone to your forehead, get your own back by using the app to record the people giving you clues, and upload their hopeless efforts to Facebook.

Get Heads Up!

Pic Collage [Free]

Oh no – you’ve forgotten to send any cards! Don’t worry – pretend you were being eco-conscious and instead use Pic Collage to send digital ones. The app’s pretty great for fashioning customised efforts, whether you want to use card templates, or compile a bunch of photos into a framed collage. For free, you can export your handiwork, but a watermark is burned in; a single $2/£2 IAP banishes watermarks forever.

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Super Mega Worm Vs Santa Saga [$1/£1]

If everything gets a bit much and you just can’t take another mince pie, use Super Mega Worm Vs Santa Saga to vent your fury on the entire holiday season. In a game that resembles Tremors meets Elf, control a giant, ravenous worm as it attempts to scoff its way through a festive scene of penguins, gingerbread men and Santa’s little helpers. Only take care: before long, the elves have machine guns and the snowmen are armed with worm-killing bazookas.

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