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Pocket Casts 6.0 – Popular podcasts app returns with killer new features

Veteran podcast listening app Pocket Casts is many iPhone and iPad users’ number 1 podcasting app, but in recent years a lack of updates have allowed competitors like Overcasts to take over, not to mention Apple’s own native Podcasts app still remaining a popular choice for listening to audio programmes.

However, after almost two years without any update, Pocket Casts version 6.0 has just been released.

Is it time to switch your podcast app? Or for those that haven’t entered the world of podcasts yet, is it time to start?

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In version 6, Pocket Casts adds two significant features that first found their feet in the competing Overcasts app. These are a normalizing volume function – which means that quiet podcasts, or sections where the audio dips will now be boosted, and the second feature trims the the silence, or gaps in a show.

Other updates include:

  • A dark theme
  • Split-screen iPad support, including picture-in-picture functionality for
  • video podcasts
  • Refined user interface
  • Improved discovery section
  • Dedicated download section so it’s easy to see recent downloads and
  • clean up shows
  • Date based episode filtering
  • 3D Touch shortcuts

There’s loads more too, and the developers behind Pocket Casts have said updates will come quicker now they’ve switched to Apple’s Swift app development process.

It might well be time to give Pocket Casts a shot if you enjoy listening to audio on your device, with thousands of shows out there dealing with technology, food, celebrities, interviews, films, music and more, Pocket Casts is a great app to use and offers a decent amount of features on top of Apple’s own app.

Download Pocket Casts ($3.99/£2.99 or free for existing users)