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Adobe apps head to the Apple Watch – new functionality

Earlier, we noted a huge range of big name news organizations upgrading their apps with Apple Watch support, along with a few others.

Now Adobe is bringing three of its most popular apps from its creative suite to the Watch.

These include Behance, a sort of social network for creatives and their projects; Adobe Color CC, a tool for extracting the color out of an image into a theme that can then be used in Adobe’s desktop and mobile apps, and Adobe Creative Cloud, a cloud service allowing users to access their work wherever they are.

Watch functionality will allow Behance users to view their Inbox, Notifications, My Work, and Nearby on the device, while a glance enables them to look at daily stats. It also includes Handoff support so users can switch between Watch, iPhone and desktop.

As for Color CC, users will be able to access color themes that were captured nearby – as Adobe’s blog post on the news says: “Swipe to see the ten most popular themes in the vicinity,” which can then be thrown over to the iPhone app for altering, or shared with your desktop as is.

Meanwhile, Creative Cloud’s Watch functionality allows users to monitor any activity on shared files, and collaboration requests.