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Apple adds 2TB iCloud storage tier for $19.99 a month

Do you find that you constantly hit the ceiling of your iCloud storage limit? Well, fear no more. Though many users still stick to the free 5GB a month that’s available for all users just to backup their device, Apple has just rolled out a new tier which could provide us with more iCloud storage than we’ll possibly ever need. For $20 a month, Apple users can now swim in the depths of a massive 2TB of storage for $19.99.

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Previously, the largest amount of storage available was 1TB, but the upgrade will allow users more than enough space to store their files – which for many could include entire photo and video collections.

Current iCloud storage options in the US are now:

5GB: Free
50GB: $0.99
200GB: $2.99
1TB: $9.99
2TB: $19.99

For other regions’ pricing information check this list on Apple’s support pages.

If you wish to upgrade your iCloud storage on your device go to the Settings app, then tap iCloud, then Storage, then Change Storage Plan. Here you can upgrade or downgrade your storage plan.

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