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Apple reimburses recent workflow purchases following acquisition

It was recently revealed that Apple had purchased popular automation app Workflow after it went free on the App Store. And now, Apple is reimbursing purchasers who paid the full $3 in the last few weeks.

Apple hasn’t specifically said how recent the reimbursements will go back, but it doesn’t appear to be those that purchased the app more than a month ago.

The news came to light after an iTunes user shared a refund email with MacRumors. The email is below.

“Dear iTunes Customer,
Thank you for purchasing Workflow by DeskConnect, Inc. Workflow is now available for free in the App Store. Since you recently purchased this app, we have issued you a full refund in the amount of $3.23. These funds will be applied to your original payment method and may take up to five business days from the issue date to post to your account.


iTunes Support Team”

Workflow is an iOS app used to link different services together to create time-saving automated actions. Its developers tout the ability to easily make animated GIFs, send the last screenshot you took in a message, get one-tap directions to the nearest coffee shop, tweet the song you’re listening to and more.

When we reviewed Workflow a couple years back, we gave it a five-star review. Read what we thought about the app here.

Interestingly, following Apple’s purchase of the app, it was updated to remove a subset of functionality. This included workflows involving services like Google Chrome, Pocket, LINE, Telegram and Uber. It’s uncertain the exact reasoning behind it, but it’s likely down to legal wrangling.

Download Workflow for iPhone or iPad.