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Apple showcase ‘amazing’ iPad Pro apps and games

Just after the launch of the iPad Pro, Apple has created a new featured section in the App Store to show off apps and games that really benefit from the 12.9-inch Retina display, impressive processing power and high-fidelity speakers.

Titled “Amazing Apps for iPad Pro,” the featured section is broken down into subcategories to highlight various capabilities of the device. “Desktop-Class Apps” includes Apple’s own iWork suite alongside Microsoft Office and AutoCAD, in an attempt to show how the iPad Pro could be a viable replacement for your laptop. “Enhanced for Apple Pencil” showcases drawing apps like Procreate and Paper that play nice with the Apple’s pressure-sensitive stylus. Also under the spotlight are apps optimized for split-screen multitasking, plus immersive experiences like AirPano and apps for unleashing your creativity such as iMovie and Photoshop Fix.

A secondary section, “Great Games for iPad Pro,” spotlights games with exceptional visuals like Shadowmatic and Lumino City, to take advantage of the 12.9-inch Retina display and processing power. Another category pick out games with incredible music or sound design like Superbrothers and Last Voyage, to take advantage of iPad Pro’s impressive high-fidelity speakers. Lastly, Apple rolls out a few classics, like BADLAND and Hearthstone, for no other reason that they’ll look great on such a huge screen.

Bear in mind that although all of these apps are highlighted as a great match for the iPad Pro, they aren’t limited to that device. Even if you decided against picking up Apple’s latest and greatest tablet, most of the apps and games featured are excellent in their own right and worth checking out on your existing iPhone or iPad.

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