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Apple wants 5-6m Watch units ready for first wave

It’s been reported that Apple is asking its Asian suppliers to assemble 5-6 million Apple Watch units for the first few months after its launch.

Quanta Computer, a Taiwanese-based manufacturer started the mass-production earlier in the year for the anticipation of an April launch.

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Drilling down into the details further, it appears that Apple is expecting the sports model be most popular out of the three tiers of Watch. The sports model represents entry-level and accounted for half of the production order, while the mid-level Apple Watch will be manufactured to a slightly smaller order. Perhaps surprisingly, the order also suggests Apple expects to sell as many as one million units of its high-end 18-carat gold-cased Apple Watch Edition.

In the second quarter of its release, as many as one million Watches will be made per month, as orders ramp up.

The details were reported in the Wall Street Journal.

The Apple Watch will start at $349 and can receive calls and messages. It will also have its own operating system – Watch OS – that developers can create apps for.

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