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Apple wasn’t able to fully capitalize on Samsung woes, analysts say

Yesterday, we reported that Apple beat Samsung in holiday season sales, achieving double the amount of device activations.

However, in this report on 9to5Mac, quoting industry analysts, that wasn’t the whole picture.

In sales figures, it was found Apple achieved 44 percent of device activations across the market, while Samsung managed only 22 percent.

But analysts have since pointed out this might actually be a decline for Apple.

Quoting mobile industry consultant Chetan Sharma:

“Apple products accounted for 44% of activated smartphones and tablets in the period, while Samsung’s smartphones and tablets accounted for 21%, Flurry said […] That is a dip for Apple, which claimed 49.1% for a similar period in 2015. For Samsung, it was a bump up from 19.8%.”

They go on to point out Samsung’s had a difficult year, having to recall the entire Samsung Note 7 product line, and that Apple’s iPhone 7 launch didn’t provide a significant enough feature set to draw more users away from the South Korean tech company.

Of course, Samsung’s problems weren’t exactly foreseeable on Apple’s part, and it’s been widely accepted Apple has been focusing on providing a major upgrade for its tenth anniversary iPhone in 2017. Rumors have suggested that there will be three new iPhones, one with an OLED curved screen, plus wireless charging across all models.