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Apple’s iPad Pro predicted to sell 3m units, outselling Microsoft’s Surface

Despite problems in the tablet market, in which despite Apple’s possession of the largest share, is falling, the iPad-maker will continue to eclipse its rivals with the iPad Pro.

It’s been reported that Apple’s latest super-powered 12.9-inch tablet will also produce far higher revenue than competitor Microsoft’s Surface tablet.

The prediction was provided by Investment bank RBC Capital Markets, which believes Apple could sell as many as three million iPad Pros in the next three months – around 1 million per month following its recent launch.

Interestingly, RBC also believes Apple makes $200 on each iPad Pro, which retails from $799. This would equal $2.4 billion in revenue ($600 million in profit) compared to the Surface, which made $888 million in revenue (Microsoft’s Q4 runs from May to July.)

The idea behind the iPad Pro is to allow Apple to access a new market for its tablets – the Mini and the Air currently address casual users. It’s hoped that the Pro will put the iPad in the hands of professionals, and even businesses. This will boost the profitability and growth of the iPad line.

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