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Apple’s Mar. 21 event is officially go: New iPhone model expected to arrive

Apple wants to loop us in. An invite sent by the company confirming its expected live event on March 21. simply stated “Let us loop you in.”

The only other details were the date and its start time: 10 am PDT, when Apple will be presenting a live keynote.

So, what does this all mean? Well, Apple is being suitably and predictably vague – because if it was easy enough to work out why do the event at all? But the rumor-mill has really been focusing on a new 4-inch screen iPhone to replace the 5s. Expected to be called the iPhone SE, the color scheme of the invite could point towards the colors we’re likely to see on the device.

The idea behind the SE is to provide not only a smaller screen, but a cheaper, budget iPhone option. The previous ‘cheap’ iPhone was the iPhone 5c, which ran with bright and elaborate colors like light blues and greens. The invite on the other hand, could be suggesting this new device will align more closely with Apple’s current color preferences – silver, space gray, gold and rose gold. Though there are two pinkish hues in the invite…

The other main thing to grasp here is the ‘loop’. Of course, the address of Apple’s current main campus is 1 Infinite Loop, but the particular wording here suggests it’s something more. It could potentially be referring to new Apple Watch bands, as previous events outside of the key September iPhone announcements have used these to launch new bands. But that’s not much to get excited about.

Or is Apple saying it’s coming full circle with the iPhone by reproducing a 4-inch model (though surely the circle would only be complete if it went back to a 3.5-inch display).

Of course, it could simply be vague for vague’s sake – we’ll just have to wait until Mar. 21 before we find out.

Other expectations for the event include the possibility of a regular sized iPad Pro.

We’ll be reporting on the event and live tweeting – be sure to follow us on Twitter!

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