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Apple’s new app ‘Clips’ has already hit 1 million downloads

Apple’s brand new app ‘Clips’ which was released just four days ago following its announcement alongside a new iPad and red iPhone a few weeks ago has already reached up to 1 million downloads on the App Store, according to estimates.

The data comes via prominent app analytics company App Annie, which has said the app has been downloaded somewhere between 500,000 and 1 million times.

Though those numbers might seem impressive, Apple’s own app hasn’t quite managed to reach the top of the iTunes charts in its native US. It’s yet to break the top ten in free apps, and is actually declining in position, having recently fallen out of the top 50 after peaking at number 28.

It’s somewhat surprising that Apple’s app hasn’t continued to rise considering Apple has been promoting it under the “new apps we love” banner on iTunes. However, unlike its other launches, it could be said that Clips is aimed at a smaller, younger, social media-savvy audience. It’s also only available to users that have already upgraded to iOS 10.3.

Check out this TechCrunch article which goes into further depth when analyzing these figures.

Despite this, the app is a lot of fun and easily accessible for all users. It follows on from all the fun new iMessage gimmicks added to Messages last year in that it shows Apple trying to engage with a younger audience.

This new app is also heavily geared towards online sharing on social networks, and includes similar aspects to popular apps like Snapchat and Instagram. It’s interesting to see Apple trying to compete in this space.

It’s a video recording and editing suite packaged up in a really accessible and easy-to-use package. According to Apple’s press release, the idea is to facilitate multi-clip editing without any of the usual complicated controls seen in video editing apps.


Record multiple videos and easily edit them together

One of the unique features of Clips is Live Titles, a function that adds animation and text to a video based on voice alone. Users can essentially narrate parts of a clip and see their words automatically generated into moving captions, speech bubbles, comic filters and so on.

Interestingly, the app also recommends people to share your finished video with based on faces it recognizes from the clips. A bit creepy, maybe, but pretty cool.


Live filters and text effects aplenty

Clips is completely free and will run on any device with iOS 10.3. If you’re curious to see more from the app, check out the Clips mini-site or download it from the App Store.