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“Friday can’t come soon enough” – Apple announces one-day Black Friday shopping event

Apple has posted a new page to its website with the simple message “Friday can’t come soon enough,” revealing it will be running a Black Friday sale this year on November 25.

The message continues: “Our one-day shopping event will be here before you know it. Come back this Friday to check everyone off your list.”

Though they don’t specifically reference the idea of Black Friday (because that’s just not Apple’s style, right?) the event lands on the day after Thanksgiving when retailers offer some of their most aggressive discounts all year.

The event is an interesting move by Apple which has produced more sales and discounts in the last few weeks following the release of the new and more expensive MacBook Pro. Though Apple products are frequently found at discounted rates on Black Friday, it’s rare that Apple is involved directly, with third-parties offering the bulk of the discounts.

What Apple plans to offer on this day is still being kept a secret, but what we do know is Apple will offer free two-day delivery on items that are in stock and ordered by 5pm on the November 25. It also points to the Apple Store app as the fastest way to access the discount. It also indicates that Apple retail stores will also offer the discounts and extend its shopping hours. You can find your nearest store here.

Based on other retailer discounts currently running on Apple products and educated guesses, the kind of products you might see discounted are iPads – because the standard line hasn’t been refreshed this year. The Apple Watch, because it has been refreshed, while still offering the previous generation, as well as some potential Apple Music goodies. Previously an Apple gift card has been available to purchase 12-months of Apple Music for a discounted rate. There’s a chance that new MacBook Pros might be discounted, though as we posted yesterday – they can currently be bought with $100 off at Amazon.

Keep an eye on the one-day shopping event page on, or check back on the app on Friday.