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Get Monument Valley – Apple Design Award winner – on iOS for free!

We keep our fingers to the pulse when it comes to price drops and games going free, but it’s not so often a title as lauded as Monument Valley can be picked up for nothing.

Winner of Apple’s Game of the Year and Design awards in 2014, the mind-bending puzzle game not only won critical acclaim – including from ourselves (Read our Monument Valley review) – but from the public, leading developers Ustwo to earn a reported $5.8 million by the start of 2015.

This is the first time that Monument Valley has been available for free and there’s no telling how long it’s going to last so our advice would be to download it sooner rather than later.

So, why now? It’s likely that Monument Valley’s download rate will have leveled out a fair while ago so this will be a good way of pulling users into the game, no doubt in the hope that they will move on to purchasing the add-on levels for $2 after completing the game’s initial 10 levels.

The new levels were added at the end of 2014 and introduced eight new chapters to the game. Titled, Forgotten Shores, you can watch some gameplay from the levels to get a taste of Monument Valley below.

Download Monument Valley for free right now!