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Instagram’s Hyperlapse gives iPhone users time-lapse capabilities

iPhone video and photography enthusiasts rejoice – Instagram has made a new app – and its a fresh approach to content creation on the iPhone.

We’ve seen some recent additions to this genre that have stepped up the competition, such as Hipstamatic’s Cinamatic and the excellent Videohance, but those have largely focused on filters and gradients to enhance the imagery.

Hyperlapse, however, is taken a different approach and enables users to take time-lapse camera footage on the iPhone.

Interestingly, Instagram are letting users use it pretty much standalone; there’s no requirement to sign up or create an account – you can simply shoot, and save direct to the Camera Roll – although, of course, you can still share direct to Instagram or Facebook from within the app.


In terms of features, the app includes auto-stabilization, meaning that users can try out the app in the middle of various activities, like running, or jumping about, and the app will stabilize the footage.

Users can film up to 45 minutes on an iPhone 5, and the video can be sped up to 12 times the original speed.

Hyperlapse is available for free in the App Store, so why not try it and let us know what you think below? We’ll be giving it a go ourselves, so stay tuned for a review.


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