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iOS 10 adoption rate hits 63 percent, down on iOS 9 adoption

There were some big changes in iOS 10, the ‘Slide to Unlock’ feature disappeared, while long overdue updates to the likes of Messages were introduced, with an entire new store for apps and stickers.

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However, adoption of the new operating system at 63 percent is slower than iOS 9’s. Apple’s 2015 update had a 70 percent adoption rate by this time in the year.


It’s worth noting that compatible devices remained the same between iOS 8 and 9, but iOS 10 dropped support for the iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad 3rd generation and iPod 5th generation.

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The rate has risen from 60 percent, as announced by Tim Cook at the end of October at the MacBook Pro announcement event.

iOS 10 was received favorably when it was released in September which critics praising enhancements to Siri – thanks to third-party integration – the new image recognition technology in Photos, and more uses for 3D Touch. Rich notifications also proved popular.

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