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iOS 9 adoption jumps again – now at 66% following emoji update

Apple has released figures to show that iOS 9 was now on 66 percent of user devices.

iOS 9 adoption was already unprecedented in how fast users had installed the latest operating system, but its 9.1 release which arrived a couple of weeks ago has boosted it even higher.


It’s believed the huge new emoji set that came with the update had a hand in this latest spike – it added over 150 new characters to the visual keyboard leading to a 5% boost in adoption.

Only 25% of users remain on iOS 8, whereas earlier OS only account for 9% of iOS users.

iOS 9 saw the fastest adoption ever for the iPhone and iPad operating system – hitting 50% in just five days. iOS 8 only reached 64 percent towards the end of December – around 6 weeks later than this update.

Adoption numbers were sourced from Apple’s developer support page.

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